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FAQs For Campaign Developers (back to top)

Who can post a Campaign?

Any 501 c (3) or nonprofit organization engaged in historic preservation projects that have a distinct and quantifiable public benefit may post Campaigns.

What do we need in order to post a Campaign?

In most cases an organization will be asked to provide proof of tax status by filing with us a copy of an IRS determination letter or other relevant material. Should further documentation or information be required our Communications Director will contact the organization directly.

What is the group’s responsibility as a Campaign poster?

Accurate information; marketing the Campaign to your constituents and potential donors; thanking donors in a timely fashion and keeping them informed of progress of your project.

Why am I required to upload a photo or video?

Simply put, because it works. This is the best way to engage people who may not necessarily be that familiar, if at all, with your organization or the project you are trying to fund. This is an opportunity for you to share your organization’s personality and illustrate how this project will meet an unmet need. Prior to uploading a photograph or video, make sure you have the rights to publish it.

How do I edit a posting?

A campaign may be edited at any time by logging into your account. Should you have any questions or issues please either call us directly or use the Contact page to submit an inquiry.

What happens if the Campaign is only partially funded at the end of the funding period?

You will receive all of the funds contributed your project as they are donated. In addition to thanking your donors, it is suggested that you inform them of how the project might be changed or share with them your strategies for obtaining the rest of the funds necessary. It is important to keep your donors informed and engaged in this process. Remember, they are on your side and want to help. They can only do this if they are informed.

Can I re-post a Campaign?

Yes. If at the end of the posting period the Campaign goal was not reached you can re-post, but we recommend that the description be updated and refreshed to attract additional support.

When will my organization receive funds?

All funds will be distributed as they are received.

How will the funds be distributed?

All funds are distributed upon receipt to the account designated through the payment account in your profile. For more information on setting up a bank account please refer to our tutorial section.

How long can a Campaign run?

You may run a campaign for any length of time however we believe that shorter time frames create a greater sense of urgency.

How do I know who contributed to my Project?

During the Project period, you will receive notifications via email as donors give. You will know who gave, the amount and their email address so that you can initiate communications immediately.

What does it mean to be a User Group in good standing?

This means your organization has carried out its responsibilities to your donors in a timely fashion and you have kept PreservationFunder.Com informed of your progress; the funds have been used appropriately and as described in the Campaign narrative; and, it is clear that the funds enabled you to accomplish the goals expressed in your posting.

What are the fees involved?

There is a 2.9% + .30 fee for credit card processing allocated to the credit card processing merchant and a 5% success fee charged by PreservationFunder.com. The fee covers the cost of credit card fees and administrative expenses associated with the website – its maintenance, security, and marketing. These fees are deducted at the time a contribution is made and all remaining funds are distributed to the campaign creator.

Are there any restrictions on the requested amount?

No. You may request any amount but you should consider your organization’s own track record and capacity in terms of fundraising initiatives. It is recommended that large projects, especially, capital projects be broken down into manageable Campaigns.

Are there any restrictions with regard to the number of Campaigns that can be posted at any given time?

No. You can post as many as you want but be strategic with regard to the kind of projects you are promoting at any given time as well as the fundraising goals. If you have a large project broken down into several smaller components, select components that might attract different constituents. For instance, some may be interested in maintaining the grounds or gardens, while others would support the restoration of objects and artifacts.

FAQs For Potential Donors (back to top)

What is the Mission of PreservationFunder.Com?

Our Mission is to provide a robust and powerful crowdfunding platform for historic preservation groups, small and large, to access a broader audience for their projects. It is our hope that that this platform will break down geographic barriers and reduce the cost of fundraising.

How does it work?

Qualified nonprofit organizations with a project related to historic preservation are eligible to post projects in need of financial support. Individuals visit the site to review and identify projects they wish to support. PreservationFunder.Com manages the website, reviews the qualifications of the posting organizations, and provides additional support and resources to the organizations which post on the website.

Are there any restrictions regarding how much I give?

Any contribution above a minimum of $5 will be accepted the amount you wish to contribute is a personal decision to be determined by you.

Does the Project have to be fully funded in order to the Organization to receive its funds?

No, PreservationFunder.com has been designed as a keep what you raise platform and organizations that do not meet their fundraising goals may repost campaigns to continue moving projects forward towards a stated goal.

What are the different ways I can pay?

All payments are made by credit card.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your payment will be processed immediately.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. All organizations have been certified as charitable organizations and  because the donor benefits offered by the posting organizations do not have tax implications, you can deduct the full amount of your gift. Incentives such as newsletters, mugs, T-shirts, calendars and other items bearing the organization’s logo should not have an impact on your tax deduction.

How will I, or my Company, be acknowledged?

PreservationFunder.Com will generate an automatic email receipt for your records. You will receive additional communications from the organization benefiting from your gift.

What are the donor benefits?

Each organization will offer different donor rewards designed to further strengthen the affiliation between you and the organization.

Is my online gift secure?

Yes. PreservationFunder.Com utilizes Stripe as a transaction processor with multiple layers of security and encryption.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please refer to Our Privacy Policy located here.

Can I receive a refund on my gift?

Should you require a refund for any reason please use our Contact page to notify us and we will initiate the process.

How do I know that my contribution will be used effectively and for the purposes I am supporting?

You can be assured that all posting Organizations have been screened and deemed eligible by PreservationFunder.Com. While PreservationFunder.Com does not endorse any of the projects on the site, we know that the organizations themselves are reputable and capable entities. Further, the Organization(s) you support should be in touch with you via email or print to keep you informed of its progress.

Apart from making a gift, how else could I help further the cause?

Remember people give to people, so let your friends and colleagues know what you are passionate about. PreservationFunder.Com provides links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media to help you spread the word. Take advantage of these links to help build awareness and additional support for the project(s) you are interested in.

How do I stay in the Loop with PreservationFunder.Com and other Preservation opportunities?

Social media and email are the best way to follow what’s happening with PreservationFunder.com and the world of historic preservation.

FAQs For Potential Sponsors (back to top)

Who can be a sponsor?

Any individual or corporation can be a sponsor.

What is the role of a sponsor?

Sponsors are supporting historic preservation projects by offering matching dollars to a project(s) hosted on PreservationFunder.Com.

What are “matching dollars”?

A Sponsor can offer a Challenge Grant stipulating that the Sponsor will “match” each dollar contributed up to a specific amount.

Does the Sponsor have to match a specific amount?

No. That is up to the sponsor. The Sponsor may stipulate that they will match “dollar for dollar” up to $25,000. Or, the Sponsor may set a target of a specific amount challenging other donors to give up to a certain amount that will then be matched in full.

Does the Sponsor have to be affiliated with the Organization?

No. Often times Board Members or established donors will offer Challenge Grants as a way to get the proverbial ball rolling. But, anyone can offer a challenge grant. Regardless, PreservationFunder.Com recommends that a potential Sponsor speak with an organization’s Development Officer, or a Board Member, to develop a strategy for maximizing the Challenge Grant.

Can the Sponsor select which project(s) to support?

Yes. You are able to select which project(s) you or your company wishes to support. PreservationFunder.Com can work with you to develop a Sponsorship Strategy to maximize your contributions while achieving your overall goals and priorities.

How are Sponsors recognized on PreservationFunder.Com?

Your corporate logo or name will be placed with the project’s campaign.

Who should I speak with at PreservationFunder.Com to learn more about sponsorship opportunities?

Please call our CEO, Jim Clark, at 859.475.1876 to explore how we might work together to advance preservation efforts.